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2013 Presidential Cage Match Series Announcement

We are hosting Round 1 of the 2013 Presidential Cage Match as a GoogleHangout. This is largely for GMU History Alum and other select invited personnel… I will, however, post results on the Blog.

Bracket is public today! Download here: 2013 Bracket (.ppt) and 2013 Bracket (.pdf).

If you want to play, fill in your bracket and get it back to me by Thursday, 9pm. Mail to Note, this is a temporary address.  (email me if you want to make it in person, I will send you my address!)

Round 1 will be a speed round. All Presidents battling will get a 15 min round. Judging will be computed from points made and detracted from people in the room, on the HangOut and on Facebook. I will compute the points and trust me… the quality will deteriorate through the night.

On FaceBook: 

Region competition will proceed as follows, 3 matches each:

  • North
  • South
  • West
  • East

My best guess… if we start at 7pm, round 1 is complete by 10 pm. (+/-) The judge (me) reserves the right to extend lively debate or call a match early for lack of participation.

Scorekeeping will be high-tech… via whiteboard at my house… and recorded accordingly.

More to follow!!!


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Digital Media on NPR

Kojo Namdi examines the impact of what he references as new new media on NPR’s Tech Tuesday.  Click on Windows Media or Real Audio to the right to listen…

Essential point… Consumers are instant producers.

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Back in the Blogosphere

After a long-enjoyed hiatus… the DeadGuyQuotes blogger is back in business commenting on all things American History… ok not all things, just some comments ideally on Executive, Political, Military, and Technological history with particular interest in the Cold War.  Some previous research on the Cold War, specifically the Cuban Missile Crisis, can be perused at .  Comments here are always welcome!

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