Grant Abstract (sneak peek)

In addition to the abstract below, I have attached the
presentation file for those who may be interested in the methodology animation.

Clio I Project Presentation v1-2

Also, the digital version of the Militiaman’s Pocket Companion is attached!  Due to the large size of the file (70Mbs) it is best to right-click the link and “Save As” on your PC.

The Militamans Pocket Companion

Final Grant Proposal: Grant Proposal for Developing Methods for Knowledge Management & Digital Preservation


In a multi-phase this project presents a low-cost methodology for digital capture,
preservation, and archival of original documents; develops and stores processed
and distributable versions in a standards-based data storage platform, and
sets conditions to scale from this foundation to a collaborative, accessible, online digital archive with fully reproduce-able, searchable, capture-able,
translatable, and malleable datasets and online sources.

Phase I – Prototyping

Completed in November 2009, this phase established a coherent methodology for project development by prototyping the
capture and conversion of an original artifact for testing and exploration

Phase II- Capture

Completed in November 2009, this phase performed and documented a low-budget method for digital capture from an original artifact, electronic artifact preservation,
and conversion to a distributable format where historic text is extracted
from the original document, archived, and presented to the user in both the
original capture (.jpg or .tiff) and distributable (.pdf
and .xml) formats with an evaluation of optical character recognition (OCR)
and transcription requirements.

Phase III- Web Access

This phase is the focus of this grant funding request. A team of professional developers will construct a suitable multi-media database for storage and access of original artifact captures, distributable .pdf versions, and
XML-based data and metadata derived from the original. The team will also develop a working prototype web site to access the data.
Fundamental to this phase will be data archiving and disaster recovery
for the data. Successful conclusion of this phase will yield a working version 1.0 available for release and continued development.

Phase IV- Initial Expansion

Beyond the scope of this grant request, this phase seeks to develop partnerships and data shares across multiple institutions with similar projects in development or production. The level of participation directly influences the scale of this phase.
It is anticipated that the minimal costs will be shared across participating institutions.

Phase V- Infinite Expansion

Optionally, and depending on the success of the earlier phases, this phase will greatly expand collaborative efforts by potentially make this capability available to amateur and resource-constrained archivists and historians by providing a standards-based methodology and data capture technique and a collaborative platform to share
the data once stored. This aspect of the final phase will be limited only by technology maintenance and scalability costs.

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