Sticking Your Head In The Sand

When reading The Access Principle by John Willinsky, I was particularly intrigued with the way Willinsky approached the topic of open access and politics. Essentially, the message is more information and access to scholarly research and evidence can and should inform the global, national, or local political policy debates. Ideally, members of the government, bureaucrats […]

Informatics Flambeau

∞ tsp of data Countless hours of digitization ½ Supercomputer (or 4cups Cloud Computing) 1 petabyte of storage dash of creativity 75 gallons of coffee 1.75L Wild Turkey (101) budget… lots of budget Preheat the coffee pot. Cull for hours identifying targets to digitally preserve. Scan, photograph, capture, and torture original sources for digitally preserved […]

Digital Improvised Explosive Devices (DIED)

Ok… the acronym was an absolute accident, but hey, I’m with the Government, I am a card-carrying official acronym producer. I guess it is natural… or a gift… This week’s reading really obviates the need for my project in some ways and really opens the curtain to the real issues surrounding digital tool sets. At […]